Best Uniform Matchups of Week 13- 2021

Last uniform post of the regular season. This week was an absolute doozy when it comes to the threads being worn out on rivalry weekend.

Week 13

Honorable Mentions:

-Missouri @ Arkansas

-TCU @ Iowa State

-Notre Dame @ Stanford

-Tulane @ Memphis

-Hawaii @ Wyoming

10. Clemson @ South Carolina

Orange britches yet again for Clemson, here playing for the de facto “state” championship. Unfortunately, these two don’t get to play Coastal very often, which I would love to see. Carolina goes with the throwback garnet helmets here. The white circle surrounding the logo is a nice touch. It’s awesome to see the garnet and black being showcased against the Tigers’ bright orange.

9. Florida State @ Florida

The Noles going all-white is not a bad look at all in my opinion. While I think blue pants would complete the Florida look a little better in this matchup, I adore the usage of the white helmets against FSU. They complement one another quite well.

8. California @ UCLA

Two Under Armour Schools make the most of their shades of blue and gold in this game. Cal’s all white look with the navy helmets has always been my favorite road look they have. UCLA is UCLA here, and I’m here for it. Fantastic striping on both sides.

7. Texas A&M @ LSU

This matchup is everything we expected from a uniform standpoint, and that’s perfectly fine. A&M gets a chance to bring the maroon jerseys on the road, but LSU’s white and yellow makes it look even cleaner. I especially like the intricate striping vs. the complete lack of striping.

6. BYU @ USC

While BYU can’t seem to decide whether they want to embrace royal or navy, I’ll admit either of them will look great against the scarlet and yellow of SC. The all-white was a smart play from the Cougars, and this might be the best-looking BYU game of the entire season.

5. Iowa @ Nebraska

Two teams with superb helmets headline this uni-battle. The shoulder stripes for both sides are amazing. White, red, yellow, and black never looked so good.

4. Kansas State @ Texas

Two more wonderful helmets are showcased on Black Friday. Again, we have a pair of teams that don’t switch things up, and for great reason. The Horns and Cats are two of the better sets in the Big XII, and they look especially great together in Austin.

3. Oklahoma @ Oklahoma State

I thought we might get alternates from the Sooners, but I probably shouldn’t be surprised. The Pokes have a plethora of options to choose from, but going with a blackout is never a bad idea. These are the best Cowboy helmets they have, so it makes it all the more sleek and appealing.

2. Alabama @ Auburn

Another rivalry with no love lost, feature two more teams that…. you guessed it, have very little uniform changes. Actually, make that zero uniform changes for either team in this simulated season. Similar to Texas and K-State, this face-off always looks great. But, when Auburn is the home team, it’s the clearly superior matchup. The navy and crimson bounce off one another perfectly.

1. Ohio State @ Michigan

While in real-life, the Wolverines busted out the all-blue’s, this is probably what UM should have looked like. It’s The Game. There’s not much more to say. Silly alternates should always go away when it’s Ohio State vs. Michigan. This is as good as college football gets, both for football and uniforms.


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