2022 Update and Predictions

Hello everyone, We deeply apologize for the lack of activity over the summer. Unfortunately, both of us got new jobs over the last couple months and have been terribly busy with both. On the latest promotion/relegation post, we plan to push that to next offseason and hopefully roll out a new-look format for that toContinue reading “2022 Update and Predictions”

Imagining a College Football World with Promotion and Relegation

Now that we’ve hit the offseason, I’d like to roll out a new project we’ve had in mind for quite a while. There’s no shortage of articles and content out there that bring the promotion/relegation theory to college football. For those who don’t know, promotion and relegation is a competitive balance strategy seen in manyContinue reading “Imagining a College Football World with Promotion and Relegation”

2021-22 Bowl Season Recap

Bowl season has come and gone, and thus the 2021 season has concluded.  When looking at the real-life season, our simulation provided us with both some wacky and not-so-wacky results.  Before we take a step back and look at the season with a bird’s-eye-view, let’s analyze some of the big bowl results first. Holiday BowlContinue reading “2021-22 Bowl Season Recap”

2021-22 Bowl and Playoff Predictions

Holiday Bowl (San Diego, CA) – USC @ #17 Miami -Scott: Miami 35, USC 24 -Gavin: Miami 38, USC 31 Cheez-It Bowl (Orlando, FL) – #18 NC State vs. #23 Iowa State -Scott: NC State 33, Iowa State 30 -Gavin: Iowa State 28, NC State 24 Alamo Bowl (San Antonio, TX) – #16 Arizona StateContinue reading “2021-22 Bowl and Playoff Predictions”

2021 Week 14 Preview

It’s here. Conference championship games galore are spread across the docket this weekend, as hardcore fans will be clamoring to watch as much action as possible. Seasons are on the line, so let’s get right into the madness by previewing all ten championship games. Conference USA Championship (Boca Raton, FL) – North Texas @ FloridaContinue reading “2021 Week 14 Preview”

Best Uniform Matchups of Week 13- 2021

Last uniform post of the regular season. This week was an absolute doozy when it comes to the threads being worn out on rivalry weekend. Week 13 Honorable Mentions: -Missouri @ Arkansas -TCU @ Iowa State -Notre Dame @ Stanford -Tulane @ Memphis -Hawaii @ Wyoming 10. Clemson @ South Carolina Orange britches yet againContinue reading “Best Uniform Matchups of Week 13- 2021”