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See below for commentary on our simulated season, as well as our takes on real-world college football happenings.

Week 0/1 Preview

We’re back! Not like Texas, like actually back. Let’s get into some 2022 predictions for all the big games! Between the Backyard Brawl’s return, and a top 5 matchup, Week 1 has it all! Games of Note West Virginia @ #17 Pittsburgh Scott: Pittsburgh 24, West Virginia 17 Gavin: Pittsburgh 35, West Virginia 21 PennContinue reading “Week 0/1 Preview”

2022 Update and Predictions

Hello everyone, We deeply apologize for the lack of activity over the summer. Unfortunately, both of us got new jobs over the last couple months and have been terribly busy with both. On the latest promotion/relegation post, we plan to push that to next offseason and hopefully roll out a new-look format for that toContinue reading “2022 Update and Predictions”

Imagining a College Football World with Promotion and Relegation

Now that we’ve hit the offseason, I’d like to roll out a new project we’ve had in mind for quite a while. There’s no shortage of articles and content out there that bring the promotion/relegation theory to college football. For those who don’t know, promotion and relegation is a competitive balance strategy seen in manyContinue reading “Imagining a College Football World with Promotion and Relegation”

2021-22 Bowl Season Recap

Bowl season has come and gone, and thus the 2021 season has concluded.  When looking at the real-life season, our simulation provided us with both some wacky and not-so-wacky results.  Before we take a step back and look at the season with a bird’s-eye-view, let’s analyze some of the big bowl results first. Holiday BowlContinue reading “2021-22 Bowl Season Recap”

Week 14 Recap

Championship weekend has come and gone. Before we find out who is playing for what this postseason, let’s revisit the massive results from coast to coast. Conference USA Championship (Boca Raton, FL) – Florida Atlantic 50 – North Texas 13 -Scott: Florida Atlantic 28, North Texas 20 -Gavin: Florida Atlantic 35, North Texas 17 JustContinue reading “Week 14 Recap”

2021 Week 14 Preview

It’s here. Conference championship games galore are spread across the docket this weekend, as hardcore fans will be clamoring to watch as much action as possible. Seasons are on the line, so let’s get right into the madness by previewing all ten championship games. Conference USA Championship (Boca Raton, FL) – North Texas @ FloridaContinue reading “2021 Week 14 Preview”

2021 Week 13 Recap

Well, another college football regular season has come and gone. But before we get too sad, let’s look back at what was an incredible rivalry weekend! Games of Note and Predictions #13 North Carolina 37 – #18 NC State 32 -Scott: North Carolina 38, NC State 27 -Gavin: North Carolina 31, NC State 17 TheContinue reading “2021 Week 13 Recap”

Week 13 Preview

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! While we travel during this busy season, we won’t have any breakdowns for our predictions, but they’ll still be up! Next week we will be back to full strength will all of our analysis. But first, get ready for some rivalries! Games of Note: #13 North Carolina @ #18 NC State -Scott:Continue reading “Week 13 Preview”

Week 12 Recap

While the top game of the week didn’t live up to the hype per se, there were plenty of thrilling results across the country, and plenty of conference and bowl implications played out from sea to sea. Let’s recap! Games of Note and Predictions Memphis 30 – Houston 14 -Scott: Houston 33, Memphis 30 -Gavin:Continue reading “Week 12 Recap”

Week 12 Preview

Just two weeks remain in the 2021 college football regular season. Things are starting to ramp up in division, conference, and national championship races, and we have a plethora of games with massive implications. Without further ado, let’s get into some of them! Games of Note: Memphis @ Houston -Scott: This Friday night, the TigersContinue reading “Week 12 Preview”

2021 Week 11 Recap

Just when we thought we had a firm grip on the national title contenders, Week 11 happened. Read below to find out who got knocked off! Games of Note and Predictions Pittsburgh 44 – #8 North Carolina 36 -Scott: North Carolina 31, Pittsburgh 28 -Gavin: Pittsburgh 35, North Carolina 34 On a chilly Thursday night,Continue reading “2021 Week 11 Recap”

Week 11 Preview

The first week of November certainly did not disappoint. We only have three undefeated teams remaining and a ton of teams still have playoff hopes, and plenty of interesting conference races entering the final stretch. Week 11 has a lot of great games, featuring three between ranked teams. Games of Note: #8 North Carolina @Continue reading “Week 11 Preview”

2021 Week 10 Recap

The chaos keeps on coming in this wild simulated season and I honestly can’t get enough of it. The playoff field still has so many various possibilities and this week was a major reason why. I’ll explain. (NOTE: We also messed up and only picked seven games this last week.) Games of Note and PredictionsContinue reading “2021 Week 10 Recap”

2021 Week 9 Recap

Just when we thought we might settle in to a relatively normal week of games, the unexpected happened. Let’s jump in. Games of Note and Predictions Michigan State 26 – #17 Michigan 15 -Scott: Michigan State 24, Michigan 21 -Gavin: Michigan 28, Michigan State 27 Mel Tucker gets to 2-0 in his young Spartan careerContinue reading “2021 Week 9 Recap”

Week 10 Preview

We’ve hit double digits in our weekly previews, and as I’m typing this I’m getting sad the end of the season is approaching so let’s shut up and pick games now. Games of Note: #9 Ohio State @ #22 Nebraska -Scott: And just like that, the Big Ten has become wide open. We knew theContinue reading “Week 10 Preview”

Week 9 Preview

As we approach the spookiest time of the year, I wouldn’t rule out any thrillers this weekend. The top teams may be put through quite a few scares, but getting through unscathed is all that matters. I’ll say it now. This week is so deep, that I had a very tough time narrowing this downContinue reading “Week 9 Preview”

2021 Week 8 Recap

While Week 8 didn’t have any massive matchups, it was a deep week with plenty of national and conference ramifications across the slate. Let’s recap! Games of Note and Predictions Appalachian State 49 – #20 Coastal Carolina 28 -Scott: Appalachian State 38, Coastal Carolina 31 -Gavin: Appalachian State 34, Coastal Carolina 28 And just likeContinue reading “2021 Week 8 Recap”

Week 8 Preview

Things are a bit more tame in Week 8 in regards to the last couple weeks, but keep in mind, that’s from the outside looking in. We haven’t seen any actual games yet. I’m willing to bet we enter the last weekend in October with some more wild results! Games of Note: #20 Coastal CarolinaContinue reading “Week 8 Preview”

2021 Hot Seat Update

For those of you that followed us last year, you might remember that we did an article similar to this about coaches with very little job security. So, we decided to run it back in our 2021 sim, which has just crossed the midway point of the regular season! In this article, we will beContinue reading “2021 Hot Seat Update”

2021 Week 7 Recap

Our simulation has officially gone full-on bananas. I’ll explain. Games of Note and Predictions Pittsburgh 24 – #21 Virginia Tech 23 (OT) Scott- Virginia Tech 27, Pittsburgh 18 Gavin- Virginia Tech 21, Pittsburgh 17 Despite both of us doubting it, Pitt is still undefeated.  After escaping a hostile environment in Blacksburg, the Panthers are 6-0. Continue reading “2021 Week 7 Recap”

Week 7 Preview

After an absolutely bonkers Week 6, we’re locked and loaded for yet another satisfying slate of football within our 2021 sim! Let’s get into it! Games of Note: Pittsburgh @ #21 Virginia Tech -Scott: This is shaping up to be one of the more important matchups in the ACC Coastal in 2021. Due to UNC’sContinue reading “Week 7 Preview”

Week 6 Recap

After some technical difficulties, the long awaited week 6 recap is finally here. And what a week 6 it was! Buckle up and hang on, we’re jumping right into it. Games of Note an Predictions #2 Ohio State 40 – Maryland 12 Scott – Ohio State 42, Maryland 19 Gavin – Ohio State 52, MarylandContinue reading “Week 6 Recap”

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