Just two guys who love college football.

Our Project

With the 2020 season disrupted by Covid, we just couldn’t bear the thought of a fall without a full college football season. So we decided to make it happen anyway. With a little bit of research and a lot of work, we put together a process to simulate the season with as much detail and realism as possible.

We have exciting news for those who enjoyed our 2020 season, as we will continue our simulations into the 2021 campaign! With college football resuming a full schedule this year, we look forward to now comparing our simulation results with the actual college football season.

Our game simulations are done entirely using our own homemade sim engine. We also include information in our game reports such as jersey color, time, weather, and broadcast network. These are all based on our own data collection, research, and projections. Our rankings are determined by committee (us) each week using our best judgement and college football knowledge.

Each week we will simulate the games that are scheduled to be played in real life and will update the site with all scores. We will then update the rankings and standings, and post commentary on game results to our blog page.

We hope you enjoy our content as much as we enjoy sharing it with you!

Our Team

Scott Huston

The researcher, college football expert, and general workhorse who masterminded the project

Knowing more college football and basketball trivia than probably anyone else on the planet, Scott is a recent college graduate in management and statistics. He bleeds purple as a Northwestern Wildcats fan, and is also a football uniform enthusiast.

Gavin Mason

The math, stats, and tech nerd who built the sim engine and website

An avid Iowa Hawkeye fan with a love of all things college sports, Gavin is a recent college grad in math and statistics, and is currently a high school soccer coach.