Best Uniform Matchups of Week 5

I’ll just say it. For as loaded of a uniform week this was, the uniform matchups were deep. Like deep deep. Pacific Ocean-type deep. There are only ten spots in this countdown, but there are over twenty that seem worthy. Let’s see who made the cut!

Honorable Mentions:

-Boston College @ Clemson

-USC @ Colorado

-Ole Miss @ Alabama

-Cincinnati @ Notre Dame

-Arkansas @ Georgia

10. Army @ Ball State

Two words: Charlie Cardinal. Ball State’s normal logo is good. It really is. But if you put Charlie on that lid? Oh mercy. Not to mention, the white-red-white combo for BSU is clearly their best. They’ve had some questionable helmets also with numbers and a “Ball State” wordmark that have missed the boat in my book. Charlie runs away with that battle. Army always looks solid, and I really think the all-white looks sharp with the classic gold helmets. This is my favorite Army away set against my favorite Ball State home set. Good for number 10 for me.

9. Texas Tech @ West Virginia

As you’ll see many times throughout this countdown, it appears to be throwback week in our blog. The Red Raiders bust out the retro away threads and are they ever clean. The font is absolute perfection, and the red lettering and numbers jump off the uniforms. I do like the old-school logo a good bit too. West Virginia has an elite combination going for them this week. I wish WVU used their yellow a little bit more, because this combo just screams Mountaineers to me, maybe more than all others they have. There is a lot of contrast here, and it works to a T.

8. Duke @ North Carolina

Another throwback set featured in this matchup, as the Heels bust out their throwback uniforms they debuted last year. I will admit. I like UNC’s current uniforms better. I really do, but this look harkens back to a gloried era of Carolina football and it’s a nice tribute. Not to mention, these are pretty clean looking too. Not as good as their current ones, but they are very, very nice. Duke wears their traditional helmets here, my personal favorite. Also, Duke’s striping is one of the best in the country and although this matchup doesn’t have a ton of contrast. This is much better than Carolina busting out some silly black alternate to avoid the “blue conflict.” These rivals chose wisely.

7. Iowa @ Maryland

Another entry on the countdown, another throwback. Here’s a faceoff between polar opposites. Maryland changes their unis up all the time, and Iowa always seems to stay constant. Maryland’s helmets are to die for. It’s plain and simple, but the “Terps” script is flat-out amazing. I hope they roll with these helmets full-time. The jerseys and pants aren’t too bad either, and it’s a really nice switch-up to avoid the black against the Hawkeyes. The elements of these sets plays off one another very well. The white pants of Maryland looks so nice with the yellow and black of the Hawks. Here’s hoping for more of these from the Terps.

6. Northwestern @ Nebraska

In the battle for NU, both teams wear their letter on their helmet. In this type of matchup, it makes me wish Northwestern brought back their famed wildcat logo helmets. However, it’s hard to dislike the classic “N” helmets. However, these have a twist, as the white facemasks are used instead of the traditional black, which I do think is a nice switch-up. Nebraska wears the traditional homes, and those are always sharp. The red and purple mix and match with each other so well and every element of the uniforms offset the opponent’s. Just a classic matchup between old-school and new-school.

5. Baylor @ Oklahoma State

While Baylor looks very sharp, OK State carries this matchup into the top 5. This combination is by far the best they can wear in their current uniforms. The black-orange-black combo looks amazing, and I love the traditional OSU logo on this set. Baylor’s new uniform pieces coalesce with each other much better than their old sets, and the shade of green is just right to me. Both these Big XII Nike schools have very unique color schemes, and there a variety of options to choose from in both programs. However, this is about good as both of these teams could have done.

4. Oklahoma @ Kansas State

Neither of these teams rarely change at all, and both teams appear on my lists often. There isn’t too much to say here, but I love how the silver really pops against the all-white of the Sooners. I will say that these two helmets are amongst the best in the sport. The striping on KSU’s shoulders clashes with the numbers on the Sooners sleeve caps. These two always show out. As good of a matchup you’re going to get in the Big XII.

3. Texas @ TCU

Texas is Texas. Next. The Frogs went with black-purple-black and I love that look personally. These black matte helmets are some of the best out there, and the silver numbers bounce off the deep purple. The all-white of the Horns matches these two darker colors extremely well. I’ve seen the Frogs wear plenty of combos against the rival Longhorns, but these go with the all-whites about as good as any I can remember. A fantastic-looking in-state showdown.

2. Michigan @ Wisconsin

This matchup screams Big Ten. I don’t know if that makes sense to you. But, it does to me. Two classic, vintage uniform sets with modern twists make up these outstanding matchup. Wisconsin goes with the classic homes here, as the white facemasks didn’t pan out for their good fortune last week. The Michigan helmets always carry their uniform sets, but the jerseys and pants hold up their ends of the bargain too. I do wish Michigan busted out the maize pants every now and again, as this seemed like a great opportunity against a white-heavy team like the Badgers. I’m definitely nitpicking here. These are both fantastic.

1. Auburn @ LSU

Stripes, stripes, stripes. And none of them are Tiger stripes. Auburn and LSU have some of the best striping patterns in college football and are they ever on show in this one. The yellow helmets and pants of the beautiful LSU uniforms complement the white lids and britches of AU. LSU’s whites at home never get old and are one of the best sets in the country. Auburn’s home set on its own is also amongst the tops. Now match them up against one another: Chef’s kiss. As a fellow famous Tiger once said, “They’re great!!” Well said Tony.

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