2021 Best Uniform Matchups of Week 8

We have more content for you this week, and we’re focusing on the aesthetics on the field this past weekend. Let’s break it down!

Honorable Mentions:

-Georgia Tech @ Virginia

-Oregon @ UCLA

-San Diego State @ Air Force

-Colorado @ California

-Washington @ Arizona

10. Liberty @ North Texas

Here we have two teams featured that I don’t think have been featured in any of my Top 10’s yet this season. Liberty has a surprisingly high amount of uniform combinations and to be honest, they all look at least decent. I’m a big fan of the clean helmets, and I like the custom font a good bit. I might’ve liked a little more red here, but I won’t be too picky. North Texas went full retro with their home and away uniforms and that couldn’t come fast enough. The white-green-white look is quite sharp.

9. Clemson @ Pittsburgh

Clemson’s uniforms and logo is amongst the best in the nation, and their counterpart showed up uniform-wise as well. Clemson with the all-white is always very clean, and this contest was no exception. Pitt switched things up a bit and pulled off the mono-blue look with the classic yellow lids. I definitely like the traditional look better, but this primetime game was a decent chance to bust them out. I will say, the blue looks better against Clemson in particular as well, especially with the similarity between Clemson’s orange and Pitt’s yellow.

8. Colorado State @ Utah State

This Mountain West Battle features two custom fonts that really tie their respective uniform sets together. CSU’s classic Ram horn helmets are much superior to the white ones, and I think this is their best road combination. USU’s little details are very unique, but at the same time also not cluttered. While Utah State looks good with the navy and gray as well, this combo featured with the white facemask is very compatible throughout. I wouldn’t

7. South Carolina @ Texas A&M

Despite the similarities between A&M’s maroon and Carolina’s garnet, these teams have quite a bit of contrast in this showdown. The classic TAMU home set is balanced perfectly with white-white-black. Oh, and avoiding garnet was a great call here. When everyone turned this one on for the SEC on CBS Game of the Week, I think it didn’t take long to figure out who was who on TV. That’s a great sign, and I really think I should be in charge of these things in real life. One more thing, Carolina’s striping is fantastic.

6. West Virginia @ TCU

TCU doesn’t use the main color in their pallet, but we still know it’s them. That’s what makes their uniforms so good. Sure, they’ve used black and purple a good deal, but there are lots of purple accents in that uniform that make the whole thing click. On the flip side, WVU always looks great in their yellow threads, and it complements TCU terrifically. I think the Mountaineers would benefit from wearing these ones annually on the road.

5. Wisconsin @ Purdue

Wisconsin has been on my lists quite frequently, so there’s really not a whole lot to say about the Badgers and their awesome Under Armour threads. The placement of the logo, the striping, and prime usage of just two colors are just some of the great things to say about their look. Purdue broke out their 2000 throwback uniforms that they debuted last year. Thankfully, the home fans got to see these ones in all their glory. Purdue with white numbers is so much better than their current look. The helmet stripes are great as well.

4. Northwestern @ Michigan

Michigan’s home uniforms don’t change often, and for good reason. Many clamor for the maize uniforms they’ve worn in spring games and in that season-opener years back against Florida. I hate to say it, being a traditionalist. But, I might like those worn in a game against Northwestern or Penn State. When discussing Northwestern’s unis, it’s very similar to what I said about TCU above. Despite the lack of purple, you know it’s them. I feel the helmets aren’t quite as iconic, but the entire uniform set is more classy. This is a historic, well-dressed Big Ten game.

3. Tennessee @ Alabama

In the third Saturday of October (actually fourth this year), two rivals wear their traditional kits yet again in this showdown. Two SEC staples on my weekly uniform lists show up yet again. The simplicity Nike kept with both programs is the correct move, even if some fans don’t appreciate it. While UT has dabbled with alternates in the past, they’re never used in such a big game like this one. There’s a reason for that, and I don’t think this one will ever change.

2. LSU @ Ole Miss

Shoulder stripes on shoulder stripes. LSU and Ole Miss have them both, but they’re different enough in my opinion. It’s not like we’re talking about the same exact template. LSU might be the best dressed team in the land, and there are so many wonderful colors on display here. White, gray, purple, powder blue, yellow, and red are dotted all over the field in Oxford and it looks amazing. Also, I’ve come around on the idea of Ole Miss moving from navy to powder blue full time. I think it needs to happen. Just look at this set, folks.

1. USC @ Notre Dame

Let’s get the negativity out of the way early. These 1988 Notre Dame throwback jerseys and pants are not as superior as the usual home threads. Besides that fact, the throwbacks are still quite good. This rivalry features two of the top 10 brands and programs in college football history. The helmets for both are amazing. The deep colors of the Midwestern Irish and the flashy bright ones of the West Coast is a match made in heaven. This rivalry always looks terrific, but it’s much better in South Bend than at the Coliseum, as the colors mesh much better. Yeah, yeah, I get it. Two more blue bloods at the top of the list, but I can’t help the fact they look better than most teams out there.


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