Best Uniform Matchups of Week 6 & 7 – 2021

Because of our technical difficulties last week, we were unfortunately not able to get out our uniform post to you all. Luckily, we’re doubling up this week to give you all the uniform content you desire!

Week 6

Honorable Mentions:

-Stanford @ Arizona State

-Arkansas @ Ole Miss

-Utah @ USC

-Florida State @ North Carolina

-Boise State @ BYU

10. SMU @ Navy

Navy ends up going with their traditional home uniform, which I truly like a good deal. The stripes make this kit very sharp in particular. SMU goes with the all-white road uniforms and these two uniform sets complement each other quite well. I particularly like the red lettering and numbers popping off the all-white of the Mustangs’ uniforms.

9. TCU @ Texas Tech

Well I’ll be. It’s always great to see the RED Raiders in said color. While black appears to be their main color, I wish red was used more often given the prominence in the nickname. While they may have gone a bit overkill here, I do think it kind of works, especially against another monochrome look that TCU dons. As you all probably know, I love TCU’s unorthodox jerseys and the whites are probably my favorite. The helmets are also pretty underrated.

8. South Carolina @ Tennessee

Tennessee doesn’t go all-orange all too often, but I will say it’s a nice changeup for an otherwise traditional Volunteer team. I know many people don’t like that shade of orange, but UT owns it, and this is a pretty solid look. It doesn’t clash with this particular Carolina set, but it sets itself apart enough. I really like the new USC new jerseys they’ve unveiled, and this set uses all three colors of garnet, black, and white perfectly. The helmet matchup between these two is the headliner.

7. Wyoming @ Air Force

While the Mountain West has some very solid uniform sets, these teams may be the best of the bunch. Wyoming has a modern classic set working for it, with the classic white-white-yellow away kit. Air Force rocks the all-blue in this one, and I think it’s pretty bold and sharp. I love the gray lightning bolt and facemask on the helmet in particular, as it matches the lettering on the jersey quite well. Props to AFA for avoiding white against a heavy white-laden team.

6. Alabama @ Texas A&M

This is a classic uniform set with not much to say about it. TAMU’s new uniforms don’t differ from Alabama’s as much as their old ones, but there definitely is a number of differences. These two teams don’t change things up for good reason. I love the helmets for both, although does anyone else miss the white lids for A&M? I think they’d look sharp here, with the modern white facemasks.

5. LSU @ Kentucky

LSU rolls out their classic, almost perfect, uniforms on the road this week, against the Wildcats of Kentucky. While Kentucky goes a little overboard with the checkerboard pattern, there are still lots of things to like about UK and their uniforms. First off, I love the white helmets. The color combo of white-blue-blue is something the Cats could definitely pull off multiple times a season. To wrap up, the color clash between these two squads is what really vaults this matchup up the list.

4. Georgia @ Auburn

In a massive rivalry, the uniforms look as they’ve always had for these two storied programs. That’s a good thing, mind you. The classic navy of Auburn bounces off the red and silver of UGA so well. I do like this matchup when it’s played in Athens a good bit as well, but there’s no denying that when this is played at AU, it’s the superior-looking matchup. Another fantastic helmet game, but sneakily a great pants game as well.

3. Penn State @ Iowa

Simple vs. simpler. That’s the story of this game, and I’m here for all of it. Both of these teams play it safe, and initially, I was thinking the Hawkeyes may go all-black for the night contest. In retrospect, I’m glad that they didn’t. This is clearly their best uniform combination, and Penn State’s white uniforms go with just about everything. The Big Ten has lots of elite uniform matchups, and this is certainly amongst the best.

2. Michigan @ Nebraska

Oh, remember what I said about the Big Ten? Here’s another cross-divisional matchup that shows just how deep this conference is uniform-wise. Again, two of the simpler uniforms in the country are showcased here. Michigan has really started to lean on the all-white road kits, along with their impeccable helmets. Nebraska’s helmets are good, not quite as good as the Wolverines’, but the uniforms are just as good. These are two blue bloods, and they sure look like it.

1. Oklahoma vs. Texas

Two more blue bloods leading the countdown. That should be no surprise for those who’ve read these lists before. The Red River Shootout always delivers. I can’t explain how much I respect the ways these teams dress week in and week out. I love the scripts listed on both jerseys. “Sooners” and “Texas” pop off these uniforms and the helmets and logos are amongst the best nationally. Not the most contrast here, but it doesn’t matter one bit. These teams dress the best every time they meet.

Week 7

Honorable Mentions:

-Texas A&M @ Missouri

-Duke @ Virginia

-Fresno State @ Wyoming

-Kentucky @ Georgia

-Ole Miss @ Tennessee

10. BYU @ Baylor

Ever since Baylor refreshed its athletic identity and settled on its shades of green and yellow, I didn’t know if they’d go this route with a mono-yellow football uniform. To be honest, I kind of dig the fact that they did. BYU’s all-white looks crisp against the color rush of Baylor as well, and the royal blue pops amazingly.

9. Vanderbilt @ South Carolina

I struggle with color-on-color. I really do. I always prefer that the visiting team wears white. When you have an alternate color like Vanderbilt’s gold, it obviously could work as a pseudo-away uniform. I don’t mind it now and again, as long as it’s not overused. But it looks pretty sharp here. The black breaks up the light gold very well, and it’s smart to use it when Carolina avoids black this week. This is a classic uniform for the Gamecocks and I think it’s one of their best combos.

8. Appalachian State @ Louisiana

App State and Louisiana have been pretty great on the field the last couple years. It has to be the unis right? The Ragin’ Cajuns look light years better than they did about a decade ago. Everything is clean, consistent, and unique. The Mountaineers have looked pretty good for a while, but they’ve tied up some loose ends in the latest rebrand. I love the use of yellow pants here, and I wouldn’t hate if they made this they’re primary away uniform set.

7. Nebraska @ Minnesota

Nebraska hardly changes their uniforms at all. Minnesota hardly wears the same thing twice. While I don’t get too excited about many things the Gophers do with their uniforms, it’s hard to mess this combo up. I like the maroon- yellow- maroon combination, and this helmet is about as good as they’re going to do (asides from the ridiculous oar). It’s smart to tap into yellow against a red-heavy team like the Huskers, and it works. Both of these teams’ uniforms contrast each other pretty well.

6. Auburn @ Arkansas

We now find our first entry on the list without some form of yellow/gold. As most of you know, I really am impressed with the latest Arkansas refresh towards the Darren McFadden-era uniforms with the updated templates. Again, Auburn is Auburn here and Arkansas is Arkansas. Neither teams switch things up, although there’s rumors Bryan Harsin might change a few things up with the Tigers’ uniforms at some point. Until then, we can just sit back and watch two well-dressed teams continue to look great.

5. UCLA @ Wsahington

Hey, more gold! Speaking of, I think UW goes with the purple pants to have a better contrast against a gold-heavy UCLA squad, instead of the Huskies’ traditional home gold pants. To tell you the truth, I really like the all-purple look of Washington. Washington is a team that looks best when it dresses traditionally, but its alternate looks are too good to completely avoid. UCLA on the other hand, is smart to keep things consistent, and this awesome matchup is the result of these teams’ decisions.

4. Florida @ LSU

Florida’s throwback uniforms are pretty strong, and the only thing holding this matchup back is the fact is that it looks as if they copied and pasted their colors onto LSU’s jerseys and pants. But besides that, LSU clearly has amazing uniforms, and it does clash very well with Florida’s blue, orange, and white. I’m not too crazy about the Gators’ throwback logo, but it’s not bad by any means. It definitely gives off throwback vibes and it’s very cool to see a throwback uniform being used on the road, which is a rarity. Another fantastic-ooking game between these two.

3. Miami (FL) @ North Carolina

Here are two teams whose latest rebrands went about as good as you can expect. Miami’s retro-heavy set worked wonders for all college football fans, and I think everyone can agree they got it right. UNC’s argyle patterns are always a sight to behold, and the mono-blue look is fantastic. I wish they’d use it a bit more, as I think it might be their best look. (The white pants are pretty great too.) While Miami might look better with orange pants here, the green ones are always great to see, and it bounces off the Carolina blue pretty effectively.

2. TCU @ Oklahoma

Oklahoma does what Oklahoma does in the game, by wearing their traditional home uniforms. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, and it looks amazing. TCU has so many options to play with, and they went with a black-heavy look here, which complements the crimson well. Not only that, they busted out their alternate black lids with a purple chrome Horned frog. I can’t describe how awesome these are. To quote George Costanza, “You wanna get nuts? Let’s get nuts!” These helmets are pretty nutty and they work to perfection for the Frogs.

1. UCF @ Cincinnati

Very rarely will you find a Group of 5 matchup at the top of my lists, as there just aren’t a ton of truly great uniform sets in the G5. These two definitely have the uniform elements that can make some great combos. Cincy going with the all-red against a UCF team that wears primarily black, which is the right move. Not only that, but UC in red is always a strong look. UCF does a lot of different things with their uniforms, some good, and some bad. But UCF keeps things fairly simple here with the all-white, and it simply put, it just looks very sharp. The gold logo and stripe on the helmets are nice touches to a very clean kit, and this AAC matchup proves more than worthy of the top spot.


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