Best Uniform Matchups of Week 4

We have another uniform post for all the uniform junkies out there! Let’s hop right into a solid week of uniforms, in which I had plenty of quality games to choose from.

Honorable Mentions:

-Wyoming @ UConn

-Iowa State @ Baylor

-Louisiana @ Georgia Southern

-Texas Tech @ Texas

-UCLA @ Stanford

10. Missouri @ Boston College

In this never-before-seen matchup, we see the Tigers going with a mono-white look in the northeastern part of the country. Personally, I’m a big fan of the Missouri custom font, and I love this helmet as one of Mizzou’s best headgear options. BC going retro full-time is a solid move. However, I did like their old unis a good bit. Regardless, these aren’t bad at all, and the all-white bounces off the maroon and gold perfectly.

9. UAB @ Tulane

While we know many SEC teams have fantastic uniforms, these southern teams have fantastic looks as well. Both of these teams wear a dark shade of green, so naturally they both avoid it and use their secondary color instead. This works amazingly. Tulane’s light blue is always a winner in my book, and I adore the matching facemask and fantastic logo. UAB doesn’t go with the gold-white-gold too often, which is a shame, because the gold of the helmet and pants matches perfectly. The gold font also ties the whole thing together.

8. Ohio @ Northwestern

In one of the best true “alternate” uniforms, Northwestern busts out their gothics early this season! Between the alternate font, design, and colors, Northwestern honors its gothic architecture around its campus wonderfully with the university’s original color scheme: black and gold. These always look sharp and the ‘Cats usually play well in them. Ohio’s white and green makes for a clean combo. If the font was just a bit larger on the jersey and helmet, this matchup would clearly make the Top 5. Regardless, the Bobcat’s all-whites are nothing to sneeze at.

7. West Virginia @ Oklahoma

While WVU definitely made their latest refresh to its uniforms much more simple, it definitely is a clean look with some very interesting elements. The color scheme is fantastic, the logo is a classic, and the font is very unique. The navy-featured combo here looks very sharp, although a do wish there was a bit more yellow in this kit. But it’s very sharp-looking throughout. In this one, the Sooners wear their traditional Jordan home uniforms, and OU can never go wrong in doing so. The crimson and navy of both squads really complement each other well.

6. SMU @ TCU

While I am known as a uniform traditionalist, TCU is one of those experimental teams that I truly can’t get enough of. The horned frog neck frills are amazing, and I love the silver numbers on the purple tops.. The logo is awesome and the purple-purple-black might be my favorite home combo they wear. Against their rivals, the Mustangs wear their “Dallas” alternate threads, representing the metropolis they hail from. The all-white is definitely the right move against two darker colors in purple and black. Don’t forget the wonderful cursive script on the front. This is a very sharp pair of kits on all ends.

5. Texas A&M vs. Arkansas

Two teams that have adopted modern throwbacks as their full-time looks face off in this neutral-site matchup. While I think Arkansas improved their former look by a greater margin, TAMU improved their look a bit as well in my opinion. The white facemasks really stand out for both these teams. Arkansas has already appeared on my Week 2 countdown, but I still can’t rave enough about the font and the logo on these. A&M has a great logo as well, and while this matchup doesn’t have too much contrasting going on, it looks like a classic hard-nosed southern battle between old foes. I think that’s what both these athletic departments were going for when negotiating their redesigns.

4. Nebraska @ Michigan State

This one easily could have topped the list for me. Two absolute classic uniform sets, featuring contrasting colors, differences in striping patterns, fonts, logos and wordmarks. What’s not to like? For me, I just don’t know how much I like the green facemask on the Spartans’ helmets. It isn’t bad, it just distracts away from monochrome deep forest green look as a whole. I’m so used to the usual white facemask popping off the uniform perfectly. Again, nothing too marginal to get upset about here, but it takes away just enough for me. Nebraska in the classic road sets looks great.

3. Tennessee @ Florida

The UT all white away uniforms are very clean, and never disappoint. I’ve mentioned how they own that specific shade of orange, as to not confuse it with other schools that use that color. Enter the rival Gators, who avoid said orange this week. Florida is rocking their throwback uniforms this week, featuring some vertical shoulder stripes that match the pant stripes pretty well. While the “circle-F” logo is not my favorite, I don’t hate it, and it definitely fits the throwback vibe for sure. This works very well against the white and orange of the Vols too. These should be an annual throwback.

2. Kansas State @ Oklahoma State

While K-State is a team that looks good by hardly ever changing things up, OK State looks good, and is frequently switching combinations. Let’s get the former covered first: K-State in its silver-white-silver is a staple amongst the cleanest road looks in the country. The stripes are awesome, and the Powercat logo will live on forever, in my opinion. OK State has awesome little details throughout their uniforms, and the white-orange-white is pretty underrated in my opinion. Not to mention that helmet logo: Pistol Pete is one of the best mascots, and I’m pretty scared just looking at him standing, staring me down.

1. Notre Dame vs. Wisconsin

While I do prefer the red facemasks on the Wisconsin helmets to pair with the red jerseys, this is a decent look to throw it once or twice a season. The white looks pretty sharp, especially against the bright gold of ND’s lids. You guys know by know I really respect the Fighting Irish’s uniforms, but I feel Wisconsin’s are a so-called modern classic in the making. The numbers are so cool to me, and I respect the fact that UW feels that they don’t need to change things up all too often. I wish we could see this matchup more often, because it truly features two classics from Under Armour.

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