Best Uniform Matchups of Week 2 & 3 – 2021

Hi everyone! Our apologies to the uniform fans who were looking for the Top 10 uniform matchups from Week 2 as things sort of piled up for us. But fear not, we have a double feature for you in the top uniforms from each of the last two weeks! Please contact us if you agree, disagree or have any thoughts on any of the matchups! On to the countdown..

Week 2

Honorable Mentions:

-Boston College @ UMass

-Rutgers @ Syracuse

-Oregon @ Ohio State

-South Carolina @ East Carolina

-Appalachian State @ Miami

10. UAB @ Georgia

Not often will you see me feature a complete alternate uniform at the very top of these countdowns but Georgia’s makes the list for Week 2. Georgia needs to continue to bust out the black jerseys once or twice a year. While the dog collar around the neckline may look tacky for some, it’s neat to see something like that on such an otherwise traditional team like Georgia. UAB has solid uniforms all around, anchored by an amazing custom font and logo. The white helmet really works with the black and red of UGA.

9. Hawai’i @ Oregon State

While I like Hawaii’s uniforms a good deal, it is the helmets that really bring their overall kits to the top tier of Group of 5 uniform sets. Oregon State did well by avoiding black jerseys and pants when facing the predominantly-black-wearing Warriors. When these OSU uniforms were released, I questioned the use of ‘Beavs’ on the front of the jerseys. But, they have grown on me. They just need to get rid of that awful “Beaver-Shark” logo and this matchup would soar up these rankings.

8. Stanford @ USC

As you readers will learn to know, USC probably has one of the top 5 uniform sets in the country in my humble opinion. The shoulder stripes, trojan logo on the helmet and wonderful color combo of scarlet and yellow looks elite. While I personally liked Stanford’s previous set better than their current, these aren’t bad either. The white facemasks look great against the red jerseys and helmets of SC, but I wish they would get rid of the black outlines on the numbers. Nevertheless, this conference matchup looked very solid.

7. Georgia State @ North Carolina

In a matchup that may seem a bit surprising to some, the Tar Heels show up at #7, donning their navy alternates. The white-navy-white combo is fantastic, and something UNC should wear each and every season. Georgia State has always looked great since Under Armour took over, and although the school name is a bit cramped on the chest, the overall clean, crisp look of their set makes for a classy look all-around.

6. Pittsburgh @ Tennessee

Two classic sets show down here in Knoxville, as Tennessee wears their traditional home sets, of which I am a huge fan. People may scoff at the shade of orange, but I appreciate the uniqueness to that color and the fact the Vols know they own that bright orange. While Pitt’s yellow pants and helmets are not too far off from that color orange, there’s no denying that Pitt still looks great on their own, even if the uniforms don’t clash very well. The royal blue and yellow looks infinitely better than the old gold and navy they wore a few years back.

5. Iowa @ Iowa State

In my sim, I wanted the ‘Clones to avoid black at all costs, something they can’t quite figure out in its programs biggest games in real life. Not only is it not a school color, it’s their rival’s main color. While Iowa always sticks to the traditional road set, ISU changes it up quite a bit, and the use of crimson and white here is fantastic against the excellent black helmets and yellow pants of the Hawkeyes. This is how this rivalry is supposed to look.

4. Texas @ Arkansas

I’ve already harked about Texas’ fantastic simplistic uniforms. They are utter classics, and with Arkansas going full-time with their throwbacks, this matchup reminds me of olden times, and that’s a good thing. Both teams with their state’s name plastered above their number is a sight to behold, and the white of Arkansas does not get lost within the all-whites of the Horns. The old SWC matchup looks as it should.

3. Texas A&M @ Colorado

Speaking of old conference rivals, the former Big XII members faced off in another classic looking game. Texas A&M has new uniforms and they are even simpler than before. Since switching to head coach Jimbo Fisher, they do not mix and match uniform articles much, but that’s okay with me. They’ve switched from maroon to white pants, and these didn’t take long for me to get used to. Colorado is wearing their best combo by far in this one, in the classic gold-black-gold. While the Buffs sometimes get too cute with their unis, they didn’t mess around in Week 2.

2. Utah @ BYU

Color vs. color is a hot topic inside the uniform part of my brain. While I do like the way it looks many times, I don’t want college football to turn into the NBA, where there are no rules about who can wear what and it turns into uniform anarchy. Where I draw the line is in rivalry matchups like this, USC/UCLA, Georgia/Florida, etc. Those are matchups that have done it before, and do it on tradition. That’s all well and good, but holy moly, the holy war looks awfully amazing. The royal blue of BYU and the bright red of Utah clash like no other, and the color rush looks for both complete the mashup. Watching these two teams fly around in these uniforms makes this rivalry all the more special.

1. Washington @ Michigan

In a tough choice, I decided to go with a classic, Rose Bowl-esque game in Ann Arbor. You know I’m a sucker for the Wolverine’s classic threads, but Washington has done much better this time around than their last set of uniforms. The simple take on UW’s new uniforms was a welcome surprise, and although the colors do not contrast too much, they both look very sharp. Being a Northwestern fan, I naturally love purple, and the gold helmets are one of the best in college football. Michigan’s helmets belong atop that list as well, and this a matchup I will never tire from seeing aesthetically.

Week 3

Honorable Mentions:

-Charlotte @ Georgia State

-East Carolina @ Marshall

-Virginia @ North Carolina

-Arizona State @ BYU

-Northwestern @ Duke

10. Georgia Tech @ Clemson

Clemson’s uniforms are a thing of beauty, with a perfect mix of classic and modern. The Tiger paw logo is one of the best out there, and I appreciate the consistency the program brings every week with their unis. The white facemask is my personal favorite on the orange lid. Tech’s latest rebrand with Adidas isn’t perfect, but it’s light years better than their last outfitter, Russell. I also appreciate them finally settling with gold over yellow. Overall, a very solid-looking ACC matchup.

9. Purdue @ Notre Dame

Let’s get the easy part out of the way here: Notre Dame has great uniforms top to bottom. They may not be the most likable team, but the uniforms, anchored by those acclaimed ‘golden domes’ never disappoint. They’ve even found pants that better match that shade of gold. Now to the Boilers. I can’t tell if I really like or hate those cowcatcher outlines on the shoulders of the jerseys. They look a bit tacky, but I will admit it adds something unique to Purdue, and they look best on the white jerseys. What puts this matchup at #9 is the railroad pattern on their black lids. I LOVE those helmets and avoiding gold in South Bend was the right move. The black really pops here.

8. USC @ Washington State

As seen from back in Week 2, you know what I think about USC’s classic home kits. I think I may like the aways even better. The three colors play off of each other so well. Now over to the Cougars. While I wish WSU used a little more accent colors in their current uniforms, I think it really works to focus solely on anthracite and white in these alternates. They always seem to wear these against SC (even in real-life this year), and it is 100% the right move. Avoiding the crimson against the red-heavy Trojans looks fantastic, and I adore the shade of gray Wazzu uses in these alternates. Once again, the white facemask is a keeper for me.

7. South Carolina @ Georgia

Georgia does not have my absolute favorite uniforms of the so-called “classic” teams, but in the end, they are very good all-around. I love the number font, shade of gray, and helmet in general. Last year, the Gamecocks came out with new home and away uniforms to match their black alternates, which were a huge hit. I can’t say I’m disappointed with that move. Carolina’s consistent striping is what works so well here. I love the stormtrooper look from them in this particular matchup, which really allows the bright UGA red to pop against them.

6. Fresno State @ UCLA

UCLA is back again in our weekly countdown featuring those wonderful shoulder stripes and shades of blue and gold that work so well together. Fresno has a very underrated uniform set in my opinion, and I really like their latest rebrand a whole lot. The sweater-donning bulldog is a classic logo, and the all-white is never a bad move against UCLA. It seems everyone who goes that route in the Rose Bowl looks amazing.

5. Utah @ San Diego State

SDSU may have my favorite G5 kits in the country. The Aztec calendar helmets are to die for, and the simple, all-black look with modern touches is fantastic. I love the sleeve caps and custom fonts on this one. With SDSU being a black and red team, the Utes avoid any and all of those two colors and use a whiteout look. Yes, another all-white look on this countdown. I didn’t plan this. The stripes are a little busy, but I love the font, and mainly the helmet. This logo is way superior to their throwback one, and I wish ESPN, Fox, etc. would stop using the throwback logo in Utah graphics. This is one fine looking matchup out west.

4. Alabama @ Florida

Bama is Bama here, and that is a great thing, mind you. Florida going with the all blue is welcomed here, to clash against the all white of the Tide. UF has one of the better helmets in college football in my opinion. I feel that the orange popping off the all-blue really brings attention to it, which is awesome. Not a whole lot to say here, just a classic SEC matchup that looks like a big game when you first turn it on.

3. Michigan State @ Miami

Every article works out perfectly here by both teams. MSU is green. Miami wears orange. Miami wears white helmets. MSU wears green lids. Miami decides to go all orange to negate the green and white of MSU. MSU wears all-white. These teams complement each other so well, considering both of them are one of the few who wear green. Not to mention, both of these sets look fantastic on their own as well. This is one I would not mind seeing again.

2. Nebraska @ Oklahoma

While Nebraska hasn’t played like a blue blood as of late, these teams’ uniforms scream blue-blood as soon as you see them. They don’t clash very well with both leaning so heavily on their respective shades of red. But you really have to respect the looks of both of these teams. Oklahoma is an amazing looking team, and has been for some time. The Huskers have been looking consistently great for a long time, and I particularly love the red pants on the road. This rivalry game brings back great memories for all, and the uniforms have a large part to do with that.

1. Auburn @ Penn State

At the #1 spot, I decided to go with another matchup that doesn’t feature much contrast. However, the uniforms for both are so solid, that it still carries this one to the top. PSU works the “less is more” manta to perfection with their unis, and I never get sick of them. Auburn may have a Top 10 set in the country as well in my opinion, and it’s the striping that rally brings it home for me. The orange really pops on the all-white look, and does create just enough contrast against the navy and white of the Lions. The all-white in the whiteout is kind of a storyline to some, but Auburn doesn’t change things up really, and I personally am glad for that. This is another one I would love to see again.


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