Best Uniform Matchups of Week 13

Well we are finally here. The last week of the regular season brought with it rivalry matchups aplenty. The uniforms themselves were quite strong, and is definitely one of the deeper weeks this season. Picking the top 10 was tough, but I think you will be pleased.

Honorable Mentions:

-Washington @ Washington State

-Tennessee @ Vanderbilt

-South Carolina @ Clemson

-LSU @ Texas A&M

-Syracuse @ Pittsburgh

10. Minnesota @ Nebraska

Although this matchup should not be on rivalry week, the uniforms for both teams are pretty sharp. Nebraska’s traditional home set never disappoints. The Gophers yellow pants and facemask bounce off the maroon and white and clash with Nebraska’s scarlet so well. I am shocked how much the Gopher uniforms have grown on me this season.

9. Duke @ Miami

The colors in this matchup are to die for. The classic home kit for the Hurricanes is a college football staple, as Adidas struck gold with their latest redesign. Also, Duke brought back the blue script lids for the regular season finale. For being strictly a two color combo, Duke looks classy and bold here. The offsetting shoulder stripes for both teams work wonders.

8. BYU @ Stanford

BYU has had a royal blue throwback jersey for years, but when they recently created this white and royal one to match, many were pleasantly surprised. This allows them to feature royal consistently on the road as well. The white-white-royal bounces off the simplicity of the Cardinal. The traditional home uniform is obviously worn on senior day. I did like Stanford’s previous Nike set better, but these are pretty clean as well.

7. Hawai’i @ San Diego State

Two intricate patterns are showcased here in the Mountain West. Two teams emphasizing black in their unique color schemes makes this one worth watching. It’s the Aztec calendar against the Warrior tribal patterns. Nike and Under Armour worked so hard on these uniforms and it shows. Also, let’s give some props that these teams keep things pretty consistent with their uniforms. They don’t switch it up often, and frankly they have no reason to.

6. UCLA @ California

In this in-state rivalry, Under Armour is the outfitter (for now) of both teams. Both teams have their own shade of blue and gold (Cal’s is yellow) and they use them very well. The stripes is what pushes this game so high up the list. Cal’s shoulder stripes are beautifully put together, and we all know how perfect UCLA’s front-facing stripes are as well. Cal was smart to go with the all-navy. UCLA hasn’t gotten the results they have wanted this season, but at least they look good heading out to the field.

5. Florida @ Florida State

Florida and Florida State have one of the best rivalries in the game, and also some of the best uniforms. The helmets are the best part about this matchup. Two iconic designs that embody the programs they stand for. FSU’s traditional home uniform looks even better against the all white look from the Gators. Although it might have been nice to see a bit more blue from Dan Mullen’s squad, this is still a top 5 matchup, and it’s what everyone wants to see on Thanksgiving weekend.

4. Wisconsin @ Iowa

Similar to #10 on my list, while it’s weird to see this game on rivalry weekend, it sure is not weird to see the uniforms from this contest. Both teams brought to the table exactly what was expected from them. That is a good thing for the fans. Classic home unis from Iowa and aways from Wisconsin are just what the doctor ordered. The all white mashes with the black and yellow to perfection. Also, two iconic logos don the helmets as well. There’s really not much more to say that that. This might be the best matchup in the division this season uniform-wise.

3. Auburn @ Alabama

Ah the Iron Bowl. Another case of knowing exactly what we will get and that being more than fine. Both rivals have brands that are irreplaceable and unmistakable. While I feel the Auburn home matchup in the Iron Bowl produces a little better result with uniforms, this is pretty dang good too. You can’t ask for much more. But I’m sure both Tide and Tiger fans will unite when they only see this matchup at #3.

2. Notre Dame @ USC

Two of the most hated teams in the country? Yes. But let’s stop pretending fans don’t love both of these uniform sets. The USC stripes are so classic, but the ND simplicity gets all football fans excited. Similar to the above matchup, this one does look a bit better when the home/away designation is reversed, but this is everything we want as college football fans. The helmets are among the best in the game, and so are the traditions of both programs.

1. Michigan @ Ohio State

The last regular season uniform ranking ends with a top dog that you probably saw coming if you read my lists all year. Michigan. Ohio State. Two iconic brands with the best helmets, color schemes, and uniforms. Big stakes. November. Rivalry. Hate. Classic. That is all.


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