Week 11 Recap

There was not much hype heading into this week, with only one ranked matchup and relatively few games that looked to be close on paper. However, college football never disappoints, so of course some chaos worked its way into this week’s games.

Games of Note and Predictions

#10 Oregon 38 – Arizona State 16

Scott – Oregon 31-18

Gavin – Oregon 38-24

Although this wasn’t a game ASU was expected to win, it was certainly a big chance to prove themselves, and the Sun Devils will regret not being able to take this chance. Oregon meanwhile continue their run through the Pac-12. They’ll need help to get back in the playoff conversation, but the Ducks have certainly controlled what they can with the results these past eight weeks.

#20 Iowa State 32 – #17 Baylor 22

Scott – Iowa State 30-14

Gavin – Iowa State 31-24

This was a big one for both teams. With a loss, Baylor are all but eliminated from contention in the Big 12. The Cyclones however, have set up what will be an exceedingly intriguing matchup with conference frontrunners Texas this week.

#13 Texas 51 – TCU 29

Scott – Texas 40-21

Gavin – Texas 45-24

We’ve discussed it plenty, so for now let’s throw out an ever-puzzling week one. Texas has a blowout loss to a top contender, a big non-conference win, and has steamrolled through their conference. Sound familiar? Well it should, because we just talked about Oregon, who have followed the exact same trajectory as Texas. Like the Ducks, the Longhorns need some help to get into the playoff conversation. But for now, they just need to keep winning, and have a big test ahead in Iowa State.

#4 LSU 55 – South Carolina 0

Scott – LSU 35-33

Gavin – LSU 45-17

All of the sudden, South Carolina have lost their offense. Two straight shutout losses after entering the top 25 is a sure way to draw some attention, just not the kind of attention you want to have. For LSU, this is about as good of a bounce back as you can get.

Kansas State 22 – #11 Oklahoma 20

Scott – Oklahoma 42-22

Gavin – Oklahoma 38-35

Oh no. Oh no, no, no. It couldn’t be. There’s no possible way Oklahoma could lose to Kansas State again. Two shockers in a row in real life and now, even in a sim, the huge underdog Wildcats still manage to topple mighty Oklahoma? Absolutely unbelievable. What it must be like to be an Oklahoma fan. National title hopes once again go crashing through the floor. I can tell you one thing – there isn’t a Sooner fan out there who’s favorite color is purple.

Iowa 39 – #21 Nebraska 17

Scott – Iowa 28-24

Gavin – Iowa 35-24

Ah, and here we have arrived. If the last two weeks didn’t have you convinced, then how about this for an injection of reality? Guess what? Once again, Nebraska just isn’t very good. The fact that the Cornhuskers were at one point ranked as high as 13th this season is absolutely laughable now. Say what you will about Iowa, but once again, at least the Hawks are once again significantly better than their ever-hopeful, ever-disappointed neighbors to the west.

#6 Florida 51 – Missouri 8

Scott – Florida 27-9

Gavin – Florida 35-3

Big game Missouri showed up once again, and Florida certainly didn’t mind. Let’s not take away any credit from the Gators, and in particular their defense. In four straight weeks now, the Gators have held their opponent to 10 or fewer points. That defense has carried this team to a division title, and you have to believe it will give them a chance against whoever they play in the SEC title game.

#15 Notre Dame 41 – Georgia Tech 12

Scott – Notre Dame 44-23

Gavin – Notre Dame 31-24

Well, this game did not quite live up to the billing we gave it. I mean, can you blame us? It was a down week after all. The big game for Notre Dame is this week against new #15 Louisville. Could a New Year’s Six bowl game be on the line?

Upset Picks

Nevada 37 – Wyoming 28

Scott – Nevada 36-31

Spot on from Scott this week. Nevada win their 5th straight to keep the pressure on San Diego State in the MWC West.

Syracuse 37 – NC State 29

Gavin – NC State 41-24

So apparently I need to keep my mouth shut. Two weeks in a row I have gone after a bad team favored at home, and two weeks in a row my upset pick has utterly failed to back up my talk. Good for you Syracuse.

Our Pick Results

Scott 8-1 (57-23 overall)

Gavin 7-2 (53-27)

Yes, it does make for a boring week when we both pick all the same winners. A nice upset pick does mean Scott takes the week. It might be tough to make up these four games in two weeks. Are we including bowl games here Scott? Anyway, here are a few other games that stood out this week (there aren’t many).

Other Games of Note

#9 Georgia 14 – Tennessee 6

This is perhaps a bit troubling for the Bulldogs. They’ll certainly have to be much better next week against #18 Kentucky.

Houston 33 – South Florida 32

Houston haven’t been great, but they are able to take down South Florida and end the Bulls’ hopes for an American Conference title.

Tulsa 46 – #22 SMU 28

SMU will be bitterly disappointed to lose this one, because they now need some help to reach a conference title game that looked well within reach.

Well, that pretty much does it for week 11. I am looking forward to an exciting week 12, including six ranked matchups in store. As always, check out the results page for all the scores!


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