Best Uniform Matchups of Week 11

With only three full weeks left, we are hoping to see a backloaded schedule of uniform matchups, as the biggest games should theoretically look the best, right?? This week was a great start, as I really struggled to carve out a top 10, as we had many of entries battling for spots.

Honorable Mentions:

-West Virginia @ Oklahoma State

-Army @ Tulane

-Wisconsin @ Purdue

-Ole Miss @ Arkansas

-Colorado State @ Air Force

10. SMU @ Tulsa

SMU comes in as part of the #10 matchup for the second consecutive week. The all white classic road look, anchored by the red accents looks so clean. Tulsa’s combo this week is my personal favorite for the Golden Hurricane. The bright gold helmets with the script are among my favorites. The classic blue jerseys and gold pants is always a good look, and is much superior than when worn with the blue helmets they wear. A very stark contrast between the two looks, and those looks are solid by themselves too.

9. Pittsburgh @ North Carolina

When UNC played Duke earlier this season, they busted out the navy pants and helmets to go along with their traditional white away jerseys. Now, they go all navy today, and does it ever look unique. The Tar Heel on the helmet is just crazy enough to work. The inclusion of the Carolina blue on all three elements of the uniform keeps things traditional enough, so that it still does not take long to realize who is playing. Pitt continues to be Pitt, by going with the classic road set. They have made my lists plenty of times this season, and I still can’t believe it took them this long to revert to the royal blue and yellow color scheme. It’s just about perfect.

8. San Diego State @ BYU

While BYU’s royal blue uniforms have gotten a lot of love from me, it’s important to remember how clean the navy uniforms are as well. The Cougars wearing the white pants and helmets, sandwiching the deep navy jersey is a swell getup. For only having two colors in the set, they mix and match them in all the right spots. SDSU has made my lists so many times as well, and I can really see these modern uniforms becoming staples in the future. These could be around for a long time, as they should be. The Aztec calendar shall live on.

7. Kansas State @ Oklahoma

One of the more traditional matchups on this week’s list checks in at #7. The Sooners, after mixing it up with their “Rough Rider” alternate uniforms recently, get back to basics for this week. The updated Jordan logo on the OU jerseys does look a bit odd, but I love the updated font they got a couple years back. K-State does things their way, and this week is no different. The classic road uniforms are always a hit, and the Powercat logo pops off the silver helmets. Another great contrast here, as the white and crimson bounce off the silver and the purple numbers and striping. Well done teams.

6. Washington @ USC

I struggled with where to put this one on my list. USC always holds up their end of the bargain, as the shoulder stripes, classic helmet, and scarlet and yellow color scheme are just some of the things that put the Trojans among the best overall uniforms in the country. I am just not sure what I think about UW, to be honest. Let’s get this clear, the Adidas rebrand was an upgrade from what Nike gave them. The helmet is untouchable, and a classic at that. The simplicity of the rest of the set adds to that fantastic color scheme. But, the weird double purple stripe on the shoulder cap sets things back for me, and they really need to incorporate just a bit more gold on the jerseys. Overall, this matchup is very appealing, and although it’s not perfect, I stand by the #6 rating I gave it.

5. South Carolina @ LSU

Carolina busted out their classic throwback alternate look once again, mixing in their three main colors of garnet, black, and white so well. LSU is perfection, as the white at home allowed for the Gamecocks to bring these back for another time this season. I’m a huge fan of the font used by USC here, and the stripes match up and down the uniform. Speaking of stripes, LSU is pretty much a lock on these lists week in and week out. I have nothing else to say but “Hold That Tiger!”

4. Nebraska @ Iowa

In this rivalry, we tend to see the same two uniform matchups every year. That is not a bad thing in the slightest. When I talk about contrast, this is one of the marquee matchups teams should strive for. The white and red of the Huskers offsets the black and yellow of the Hawkeyes from head to toe. These teams are regulars on my lists, but everything seems to click when these two face off. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Although from UNL’s perspective, maybe a uniform switch-up will bring better fortunes in this series.

3. Tennessee @ Georgia

This matchup brings a lot to the table, with two of the better logos and helmets in the country. After dabbling with the orange pants recently, the Vols strip things down to the classic all-white away kits. These look fantastic, especially against the red and silver of the rival Dawgs. Georgia’s helmet with the white facemask is among the best of the country, and we really have to give them props for picking a design and sticking with it. I am still an advocate for the black alternate jerseys however. The Bulldogs need to bring them back at some point, and Tennessee would be a heck of an opponent to wear them against. However, I am going to be happy we got what we got, and that is a fantastic uniform matchup regardless.

2. TCU @ Texas

TCU is climbing higher and higher on my lists by the week, and Week 11 proved no different. This is a fantastic combo, and it looks even better against the Longhorns. Texas’ classic home uniform is just about perfect, as it showcases the burnt orange by itself so well. TCU’s purple pants and helmets offset the white of the Horns, and some of the details, such as the frill around the collar make these looks trendy, but also classic. It’s new school vs. old school, and we all got a treat to look at this past Saturday.

1. Michigan State @ Penn State

I could have picked several options for the #1 spot, but my inner traditionalism won out. Penn State is at the top of the charts this week, with their clean, classic uniforms that always are a sight to see. Michigan State has a more modern uniform set, but a very traditional one at that. Both of these sets on their own are fantastic, but what makes this matchup so elite, is how they each use their one color so well along with white. Both teams have just the one color to focus on, but everything contrasts perfectly. Green Pants: MSU. White pants: PSU. White Jersey: MSU. Blue Jersey: PSU. Green Numbers: MSU. White Numbers: PSU. Green Helmet: MSU. White Helmet: PSU. White Facemask: MSU. Blue Facemask: PSU. White Helmet Stripe: MSU. Blue Helmet Stripe: PSU. Yeah, you get the point, but it does not get much better than this. Happy Valley never looked so good.


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