Best Uniform Matchups of Week 9

We had another great slate of games this past weekend and the uniforms lived up to the hype as well. This was not the absolute best week, but it was solid from top to bottom with a very deep top 10.

Honorable Mentions:

-Memphis @ Cincinnati

-Tennessee @ Arkansas

-Kansas State @ Iowa State

-Northwestern @ Purdue

-Texas Tech @ Oklahoma State

10. Minnesota @ Michigan State

This cross divisional matchup shows just how different colors can look so spot-on when lining up across each other on the line of scrimmage. The yellow and maroon look even better when matched up to the Spartans’ deep green. MSU goes with the classic home look, which is never a bad thing. Minnesota, especially under P.J. Fleck have been known to switch up their helmets quite a bit. Some are better than others, and while I am normally not a fan of two different logos on a helmet, I do love cartoon gophers.

9. Miami @ Virginia

While I am not sure if UVA’s uniforms are among my favorites, there is something to say about the simplicity of them. I am a huge fan of the continuity throughout the uniform set when it comes to the dual stripe action featuring the white and orange. The all-navy look is among their better combos. Miami’s uniforms are quite sharp, and going completely devoid of orange against the Cavaliers was a smart pick. I would not be opposed to seeing the white-white-green look more often.

8. Washington @ California

While Washington’s uniforms are not the absolute best, their color scheme carries them into the top 10 this week. Also, the classic gold helmets are among the sport’s finest. Their consistency has paid off in the long run. Cal turns the clock way back here with their annual “Joe Roth” throwback unis that are modeled off the Golden Bear teams of the 1970’s. I am a fan of their current color scheme and branding more so than these. But these are not too shabby either, and definitely a cool twist that Under Armour provided the team with back in 2017. Hopefully, this annual trend continues.

7. Utah @ UCLA

UCLA is one of the most common contributors to my weekly lists, and with just two uniform sets, I don’t think I have more to touch on. But if I haven’t mentioned it already, let’s just take a quick look at how appealing those shoulder stripes are. After Adidas failing at getting those right time and time again, this current set gets the job done and then some. Utah’s all-white is one of their better looks and the red numbers really pop on these. They look especially slick next to the bright UCLA colors, which stand out so much. Beautiful looking game here in the Pac-12 South.

6. Navy @ SMU

Navy showed just how smart they are in this matchup by busting out the gold pants in this battle. The white and navy jersey smooshed between the gold pants and helmets looks so clean, and even better when looking at the opponent. SMU, going with the traditional home uniforms, always is one of the better looking teams in the country. The helmet is probably top 10 in the nation, and the white pants also match with Navy’s look so well. These two teams are very well-dressed, and I can’t decide who has the better overall look. Oh well, let’s just enjoy them both, shall we?

5. Duke @ Notre Dame

Duke is one of those teams that in my opinion, do not get some of the respect uniform-wise because they are not a historically successful program, which really is a shame. I understand Duke at times has branched out, implementing many different combos. However, when the Blue Devils stick to uniforms like the traditional aways, it always works out well. Notre Dame is one of those traditional programs that does have classic, fantastic unis. Duke is on an almost level playing field in this game. Duke’s all-white look is so clean next to the navy and gold of the Irish.

4. Pittsburgh @ Florida State

While FSU’s uniforms are a bit busier than their superior, previous set, there is no doubt the Noles still have one of the better complete uniform sets in the country. Pitt’s new away uniforms are very sharp, and they found away to keep blue incorporated quite well, despite the bright yellow pants and helmets. If FSU could just tone things back to the 2013 type uniform they had, this ranks even higher. Uniforms aside, this helmet matchup itself is to die for.

3. Nebraska @ Ohio State

While some may have expected OSU to go with the blackout look, the Buckeyes stayed traditional for this monster showdown, which was probably the right move. Yes, they were playing a fellow scarlet team in Nebraska, and it was Halloween, but OSU opted for that look earlier this year against Rutgers, and I’m glad they are not overusing it. But asides from the colors not differing too much, there is not much to dislike about this matchup. Two undefeated blue-bloods squaring off in late October, wearing the uniforms they have worn for basically their entire existence. It does not get much better than this. (Besides the final score.)

2. Florida vs. Georgia

Similar to another bitter rivalry in BYU-Utah, this matchup has gone through phases over the years where both teams wear their home colors in this matchup. While I am not a huge fan of that all the time, I think it works better that this season, the Gators decided to wear white as the designated away team. These uniforms are both classics, and I think the white over blue complements the red over silver much better than blue jerseys over white pants would. The helmets in this one are outstanding yet again. This game checks all the boxes.

1. Oklahoma @ TCU

I was not too sure which matchup at the top of Week 9, but the more and more I thought about this, I think this one separated itself. Oklahoma has one of those untouchable uniforms, and for good reason. The all white looks so clean and the white facemask ties the whole away uniform together. OU always passes my eye test. But what vaulted this matchup to the top of the list, was TCU going with their best color combo, in my opinion. Purple-Black-Purple looks so good with the TCU logos and fonts. Also, I feel the “horned frog collar frill” is most subtle on these jerseys, which is a good thing. Also, TCU just rocking the black and purple on Halloween night feels so right. No, it’s not only just the uniforms themselves, as the context they are worn in matters as well.


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