Best Uniform Matchups of Week 7

This was I think the hardest list I had to construct yet this season. While there may not have been many elite matchups that other weeks have had, this week had so many very great matchups all weekend long. I’m only listing five honorable mentions, but there easily could have been fifteen.

Honorable Mentions:

-Utah State @ Boise State

-Washington @ Utah

-Houston @ BYU

-LSU @ Arkansas

-Notre Dame @ Pittsburgh

10. West Virginia @ Texas

This list has some simpler uniforms and some more modern ones. This matchup definitely is an example of the latter. WVU’s navy featured combo looks fantastic offsetting the white pants and helmets of the Longhorns. Again, Texas and their burnt orange make their way onto the list.

9. North Carolina @ Duke

This is not your grandfather’s Victory Bell uni matchup. Normally the blue and white of the Dukies would be taking the field against that signature Carolina blue. Now, Carolina has taken the navy route, featuring a fantastic helmet with the alternate tar heel logo. The pants and helmet somehow match the away white jersey flawlessly. This is a great alternate uniform that switches things up just enough, while keeping the identity of the team. Duke mixed it up a bit as well, going with the blue helmets, along with the all black getup. I like Duke straying from the blue here, even if it is a different shade from both of UNC’s.

8. Baylor @ Texas Tech

This years’ BUTT matchup features a twist from the past. The Red Raiders brought out their fantabulous throwback home uniforms featuring the pre-beveled overlapping T’s on the white helmets. The matching font on the red jerseys is a nice touch, and capped off by the clean white pants. Baylor’s new road uniforms are a bit simple, but they work quite well. The green helmet with matching facemasks looks quite sharp against the red of TTU and the Baylor’s all white uniforms look like a modern classic of sorts.

7. UCF @ Memphis

For those who have been reading these all season, this one may surprise you. These are two teams that have rather new-school uniforms. But I’m a big fan. UCF’s combo uses the gold, white, and black flawlessly, including elements of all three colors on the jersey. Memphis offsets this quite well with the simpler white and blue uniform, when they have plenty of crazier options they could have chosen. The blue helmet with the double stripe pattern really completes this set.

6. USC @ Arizona

This is a matchup that initially, I thought would be one of the best uniforms of the country vs. one of the worst. Everyone knows the respect I have for USC’s uniforms and how timeless they are. Arizona’s uniforms are among the worst in the country. But luckily, the Wildcats threw it back to the 90’s here, and away from the gaudy mess they currently call a uniform. The “Desert Swarm” uniforms were brought back for a big game for the program, and although the game did not go as planned, the uniforms were light years better then they have been this season. The different color stripes on the helmet really pop and make them unique.

5. San Diego State @ Wyoming

I have featured both of these Mountain West teams in my previous posts, so if you followed the schedule from last weekend, it should be no surprise to find this one this high. Wyoming’s white helmets are a thing of beauty, and they really stand out with the brown and yellow uniforms. SDSU’s intricate details play off the simplicity of the Cowboys so well here. This is just an extremely visually appealing game to watch, and there’s a chance we could see this matchup again come December in the conference championship. Fingers crossed.

4. Kansas State @ TCU

This is a prime example of a team knowing what they are doing. Let’s give TCU a hand everyone. We all know there are not many purple teams out there. K-State is the only conference opponent TCU sees at home that calls purple a school color. So what do the Frogs do? Save the blackout uniforms for KSU. Well done. Aside from that though, TCU’s black getup is very sharp and just flashy enough for me. Also, I LOVE these shiny helmets with the chrome horned frog in purple. I could not believe when I saw these for the first time a few years back, as they knocked it out of the park. K-State is business as usual with the traditional road unis, and they are always sharp, featuring the silver so well.

3. UCLA @ Colorado

UCLA has been a common contributor to my list, and it’s no secret why. The gold and light blue are two colors that just perfect the whole brand of LA so well, while keeping a high standard to the name. The shoulder stripes are to die for. Colorado has very solid uniforms and I do like them quite a bit. Like TCU above, smart for the Buffs to ditch the gold when the Bruins head to Boulder. I am a fan of the current CU buffalo logo, but the fact they threw it back to the old school running buffalo for this one was so cool to see. Very nice looking game here.

2. Michigan @ Minnesota

When Minnesota released these uniforms, I was not the biggest fan, but they have grew on me. One of my biggest gripes was that sometimes they wear the yellow jerseys or pants, but will go with the traditional gold helmets like these. Those are not the same in my book. However, I have gotten over it, they are the “Golden” Gophers and not the Yellow Gophers. Also, these helmets are fantastic. These look so sharp, and clash with the all-maroon look perfectly. I loved seeing these against Penn State last year and I’m glad they brought them back for another big home game. Michigan is Michigan here, and that is perfection to me.

1. Ohio State @ Michigan State

I tried to pick something else. I really did. But at the end of the day, these two uniforms just make for the best looking matchup of the week. Two absolute classics battling it out in the Big Ten. The scarlet and gray of OSU stands out so well against the dark green of Sparty. Michigan State’s all-green outfit is daunting to look at as an opponent. (Although MSU is trying like heck to get rid of that mantra this season.) So again, I’m probably going to be called boring here, but between the cleanness, the contrasting colors, and just the overall brands represented, this takes the top spot for me.


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