Best Uniform Matchups of Week 6

Another solid week of uniforms from top to bottom across the country. I have noticed some feedback coming in last week. I’m appalled, but am ready for more criticism. But seriously, I applaud it when people tell me my opinion is wrong. Anyways, on to the unis!

Honorable Mentions:

-Utah @ Washington State

-Miami @ Wake Forest

-UCLA @ Arizona State

-Minnesota @ Wisconsin

-Iowa State @ Oklahoma State

10. Tennessee @ South Carolina

The Gamecocks have one of the more unique color schemes in the country, but their blackout uniforms never disappoint. USC released these throwback jerseys a couple years back and they were huge hits. So much so, that they have become the permanent black jersey, and are they ever sharp. The Vols pulled out a rare feat in this game too, going with the orange pants. It’s not as good as their original away unis, but definitely a nice switch-up once or twice a year.

9. Ole Miss @ Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt’s new uniforms are not my favorite with the visible piping on the pants and jerseys, but it does tie into the whole sailor theme I suppose. The gold helmets are marvelous here and they complement the all-black look quite well. Ole Miss looks sharp again, as the all white look really lets the red numbers and stripes pop. The powder blue helmet is becoming a staple, and it’s being worn with all sorts of combos now.

8. San Diego State @ Utah State

Both teams here have marvelous accents on these uniforms that are hard to notice at first, but really make this matchup worthy of being in the top 10. SDSU has one of the best designs out there, featuring the Aztec calendar prominently on the sleeve caps, pants stripes, and helmet. There is something about the red, white, and black look that flows well from top to bottom. Utah State’s look is clean with the plain white helmet. However, the stripes on the pants are remarkable, and the gray lettering looks great on the deep navy jerseys.

7. California @ USC

USC has a classic uniform set and always has. It’s just that simple. Cal has stepped up their uniform game mightily in the last five or so years and it shows here. Cal going almost completely void of yellow here is the right move against the bright yellow pants of the Trojans. This California matchup has everything you can ask for.

6. Auburn @ Georgia

This is where it really started to get challenging to rank these. Both teams again have classic uniforms that have stood the test of time. Georgia’s are good. Auburn’s are great. They work pretty well off of each other.

5. Iowa @ Ohio State

Yeah so just substitute everything I just said with these two teams as well. The colors do stick out more off the opponent’s colors here, and I think the helmets in particular here give them the edge. The Hawkeye logo and Buckeye stickers are not to be overlooked.

4. LSU @ Florida

LSU and Florida always look sharp when they’re playing one another, and this year is no exception. LSU going with the classic white jerseys and yellow helmets and pants is always a crowd-pleaser. Florida switches it up a bit here and goes with the white helmets. I love it. It complements the yellow of LSU that much more than the orange, and the helmet stripes are fantastic.

3. Clemson @ Florida State

Although FSU’s current uniforms a bit too busy for my liking, they are still awfully good with the Seminole war patterns. Clemson’s all white look bounces off the garnet and gold of the Noles. What puts this so high is what are in my opinion 2 of the top 10 helmets in the country. The Clemson paw logo is becoming a classic, and I truly believe FSU’s golden helmet featuring the spear is my favorite helmet in college football.

2. Michigan @ Michigan State

Although MSU is having a rough first season under Mel Tucker, they are looking good on the field in at least one way. Sparty’s white helmets look the best in this particular combo, as there is just enough green to offset it and enough white to make it all flow very nicely. It’s amazing how good this set is with just two colors. Michigan going with the traditional aways are consistently elite. However, I think maize pants here could make this classic B1G rivalry top this list, considering how prominent white is to MSU’s color scheme.

1. Texas vs. Oklahoma

Call me out fans. Some will not like the boringness of my #1 pick this week. But this rivalry has everything I am looking for. There’s really not much to say. If you want flashy, go watch Western Kentucky-Middle Tennessee. That rivalry features good uniforms, and I will watch that. But this is my bread and butter. Texas vs. Oklahoma. Burnt orange and white vs. crimson and cream. Hook ‘Em vs. Boomer Sooner. Hook it to my veins.

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