Best Uniform Matchups of Week 5

I can’t believe this is the fifth edition of these that I have written. The season is soaring on by, and we have some great-looking conference matchups starting to pop up pretty regularly here, so let’s get started.

Honorable Mentions:

-South Carolina @ Florida

-Missouri @ Tennessee

-Southern Mississippi @ North Texas

-Vanderbilt @ Georgia

-Wake Forest @ Duke

10. West Virginia @ Texas Tech

This matchup is not the best as far as tradition or classiness perhaps, but the different colors brought out in this uniform matchup is everything you could ask for. The red jerseys sandwiched between the black of TTU is striking to say the least. WVU needs to wear this combo more often, as it shows off all the navy, the yellow, and the white so well.

9. USC @ Utah

USC’s away kits are fantastic and the tapered shoulder stripes pop so well on the white jerseys. The yellow pants here clash with Utah’s look quite well. Utah’s helmets are not my favorite with the chrome finish logo, but I will admit it looks much better with these newer stripes on the helmet Utah has unveiled in the last couple years. I love the red-black-red with Utah. It is so sleek, and differentiates itself from the crimson of USC quite well.

8. North Carolina @ Virginia

UNC’s uniforms always carry their weight in every uniform matchup they are involve in. UVA held up their end of the bargain here as well. The Hoos going with the orange against the blue Tar Heels was a success. The fauxback Virginia uniforms are big hits and the white-orange-white perfectly complements the blue-white-blue of North Carolina.

7. Nebraska @ Northwestern

Nebraska’s uniforms are known to be a little boring, but I am a big fan of the nostalgic feel. I have said it before and I will say it again: Northwestern’s uniforms are very solid overall because they mix an old-school feel with a modern feel. This is a prime example here. Whenever NU goes with this uniform combo, I’m a happy camper, as the white numbers pop off the jersey. The matte black helmets are fantastic, but maybe they could’ve used the Cat head logo, considered both helmets have “N’s”? I know I’m nitpicking, but well done.

6. Navy @ Air Force

This is a classic uniform matchup through and throughout. Air Force’s classic home set is all you can ask for, and I am glad they went with it against their rival. Navy is known for the crazy alternates against Army, but against Air Force, they went with a classic. It was the right move, especially considering what AFA wore. The gold pants and helmets next to the blue and white of the Falcons is amazing.

5. Michigan State @ Iowa

Call me biased, but the Big Ten just has the most classic uniforms in my opinion. Here are two more examples. Iowa’s home uniforms are so sharp and clean and never disappoint. When Sparty released the white helmet for the first time a few years back, I liked it, but it looked a little odd to see that logo on a white background. We have grown accustomed to this whiteout look the last few years and it works its magic here.

4. Texas @ Kansas State

If you flip on the TV, you know exactly what uniforms these teams will be wearing almost every single time. That does not necessarily get them on this list, but it sure helps that the uniforms they consistently keep rolling out are clean and timeless. The all white look of the Longhorns have been on this list before. The burnt orange is a color they own, and it looks so sharp. K-State’s power-cat logo pioneered by former coach Bill Snyder has become a classic look, and for good reason. The silver pants and helmets are staples in the rotation and the purple bounces off the silver so well.

3. Notre Dame vs. Wisconsin

This is another all-time uniform matchup featuring two classic programs with classic looks. ND’s helmets look right at home in a nostalgic building like Lambeau field. Under Armour knocked it out of the park with keeping both of these schools looking as they always have and always should. The colors play off of each other so well, and I am a big fan of the number fonts of both schools. This could potentially be even higher, but Wisconsin’s white facemask does not quite mix like the usual red one does with the home jerseys. But very well done as usual for these two.

2. Oklahoma State @ TCU

For a new-school uniform matchup, this is extremely high on my list. But I am a sucker for what Nike does for these Big XII teams year in and year out. TCU’s flashy color is not quite as gaudy on the purple jerseys and I love the matte helmets and the purple-purple-black combo is so appealing visually. OK State may have even topped them however. The little details in the black collar and helmet stripe draw me in instantly. The orange helmet is so flashy when looking at the other black elements of the uniform. The Pistol Pete logo is the icing on the cake. This was a great game to watch, both the football and the unis.

1. Penn State @ Michigan

I can hear it now: “Boo!! He picked the boring matchup as the best as usual, just like we expected!” Yes, I did. No, I am not sorry. I can’t help it. Penn State and Michigan are 2 of my top 10 best uniform sets in the country, coincidentally in a top 10 game this season. What else can I say about these at this point? Classic and timeless always and forever. The white and maize help differentiate each team’s shade of navy. Yeah, that’s about all I got. Although, how gutsy would it be if the next time the Lions came to the Big House, they busted out the all-maize? I know I’m traditional, but I would not be opposed!


One thought on “Best Uniform Matchups of Week 5

  1. Honestly, as a big fan of college uniforms and how they have progressed I am quite offended. The only jersey that has any unique quality’s all is TCU’s. It feels like you are purposely picking jerseys that suck. Jerseys that look like practice jerseys? I don’t understand the rankings like is this best Jersey or most classic jersey? Just an avid reader hoping to see a couple “classic picks” move out and see something unique and flashy fill its spot! First time writer long time reader!


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