Best Uniform Matchups of Week 3

We are back again for another countdown of the best looking games this week. When creating this list, I noticed that this week did not seem to be up-to-par aesthetically as the previous two editions. Nevertheless, we’re going to find the ten most pleasing to watch games out there.

Honorable Mentions:

-Arkansas State @ Michigan

-Florida State @ Boise State

-Marshall @ Ohio

-Buffalo @ Ohio State

-Vanderbilt @ Kansas State

10. USC @ Stanford

I get that many teams have a black uniform option when it is in fact not one of their school colors. I usually take offense to that. Maybe Stanford has done it long enough, that I have forgiven them for it. Also the mono-black look is pretty sharp here. It seems like they wear it often against the classic cardinal and yellow of the Trojans, and these uniforms complement each other quite well.

9. SMU @ North Texas

SMU’s “Dallas tribute” uniforms have gotten rave reviews by fellow uniform critics. I think the whole thing is a bit gimmicky, as they are trying to prove themselves as Dallas’ college team. However, they are pretty sharp, and UNT’s look here is pretty sleek also. The font the Mean Green use is not the best, but the color combo makes up for it here.

8. UTEP @ Texas

We all know about the Longhorns’ classic home look and how perfect it really is. Yes, that alone carried this game into the Top 10. But let’s give the Miners a little love. Their uniforms are not perfect, but I think they are pretty solid overall! I am a big fan of the enlarged pick axe helmets. Also, props to UTEP for leaving off any orange articles of clothing when going up against the burnt orange of Texas. I notice those things. Well done Miners.

7. UConn @ Virginia

I did not really want to include this one on the list, as I think both teams’ uniforms are solid, but not great. But these actually look pretty good when paired up against one another. Yes, it was not the best week uniform-wise. But the Cavaliers picked a great opponent to wear orange against, as UConn is also known for navy blue. The stormtrooper look by the Huskies is much better than I initially thought it would be. The block C on the helmet is the way to go.

6. Iowa @ Minnesota

I was not the biggest fan of the latest Minnesota rebrand. But, I will say it has grown on me. The Hawkeye away uniforms are always classic, mixing in the black, yellow, and white perfectly across the entire set. However, the Gophers rocking mono-maroon with the white numbers looks awfully good against the Hawkeye black and yellow.

5. Houston @ Memphis

I would have preferred Memphis wearing a touch more blue here, but I am glad they had the blue helmets at least. Memphis emphasizing blue and gray over black is something I can get behind 10 times out of 10. This is a modern set that also looks classy without pushing towards gaudy. I think I actually kind of like the Bengals stripes here? Maybe? Houston’s classic away set is also very well put together, especially with the white stripes.

4. Colorado @ Texas A&M

In an old Big XII matchup, this looks like a traditional uniform matchup we would have seen 20 years ago or so. Do not mess with what works. The Buffs’ traditional roads are their best combo by far in my opinion. A&M sticking with the basics here is the perfect call. This game has nostalgia written all over it.

3. Georgia @ Alabama

Two teams who almost never go with any alternates follow suit here. There is a reason for that. The silver britches and bright red helmets of the Dawgs clash with the all-time crimson and white look for Bama. Solid, solid showing per usual.

2. UCLA @ San Diego State

I have mentioned how good UCLA’s uniforms are when they faced off against another Mountain West foe a few weeks back. Guess what? They have not changed since then. UCLA’s powder blue pops against the gold. Now I get to talk about one of the best-dressed in the country for the first time this season. SDSU’s uniform have so many tiny little details that make the uniform so special, but when you take a step back, they still leave a glorious impression. The black and red are so fabulously sharp, that they rarely switch these up, and for good reason. The Aztec calendar helmets are godly.

1. Auburn @ Ole Miss

This was a bit of a tough decision, but this is ultimately the best uniform clash from this past week. Auburn lands on this weekly post for the second consecutive edition, with the all white look yet again. Auburn knows it has an iconic look and it shows here. Ole Miss ditching the navy for red and against another navy team is a smart decision. Also, the red, gray, and powder blue by itself is otherworldly. The Rebels knock it out of the park every time they bring these out.


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