Best Uniform Matchups of Week 2

Hey sports fans! We are back with the second edition of our simulated season’s best-dressed list. Once again, there were plenty of intriguing games to choose from, but let’s get right into it.

Honorable Mentions:

-Arizona State @ UNLV

-Vanderbilt @ Missouri

-Ohio State @ Oregon

-Western Michigan @ Cincinnati

-Tennessee @ Oklahoma

10. Memphis @ Purdue

Memphis is a team with plenty of flashy designs, but in this one, the simplicity of the blue and white bounce so well off the deep black of the Boilermaker uniforms. The chrome Purdue lid is one of my favorites, particularly with the all-black look.

9. Wyoming @ Louisiana

These two Group of 5 programs both hold some of the most underrated uniform sets in the country. Wyoming’s clean, albeit unusual color combo looks very sharp here. The Ragin’ Cajuns have improved their uniforms drastically over the last decade, and this all red look is the best they have come up with.

8. Iowa State @ Iowa

You can never go wrong with the classic Hawkeye uniforms, and today is no exception. Iowa State is a team that has struggled with its identity over the years, but their most recent rebrand has been one of their best. I’m a big fan of the all white look against the black and yellow of their rivals.

7. Houston @ Washington State

In a bit of a surprising entry, this one features two classic combos. Both of these teams have been known to mix it up quite a bit. However, when they stick to their roots, things generally go well. Wazzu’s silver-crimson-silver combo is the traditional home uniform, and not worn nearly enough, so it was refreshing to see. Houston’s all-white is very clean, and the helmet matches the stripes marvelously.

6. Penn State @ Virginia Tech

The classic tradition that is Penn State uniforms never goes out of style. The simplicity will not be beaten, and the white and navy always pop. Virginia Tech’s latest uniform redesign is not my favorite, but definitely salvageable. I am a big fan of the orange helmet here though, and the all-maroon is a solid look to complement.

5. Boise State @ Air Force

The other two service academies always roll out special uniforms honoring the troops in the Army-Navy game on CBS. Luckily, the country was treated to Air Force’s “version” of those special uniforms this past weekend. The mono-gray look honors the C-17 a large military transport ship. They look fantastic too. Considering BSU is known for blue, it was a good week for the Falcons to step away from it. Oh, by the way, the Blue-White-Orange combo for Boise is probably their best too, and not to mention that Bronco head on the helmet.

4. Tulsa @ Oklahoma State

This one may be a bit of a shocker, but this in-state battle featured two really solid looks in which the colors complement each other so well. Tulsa’s gold helmets are great here and the blue pants really bring out the script on the helmet and jersey. This is OK State’s best combo in my opinion, and do they ever have a lot of them. This look showcases their two colors in the best way possible.

3. Michigan State @ BYU

I talked last week about how stunning the Cougar’s throwbacks look, and guess what? They still do. This time they bring them out at home, for a game against one of the best-dressed teams in the country in MSU. Sparty’s classic road look is spotless. The helmet matchup alone here makes this Top 10-worthy.

2. Auburn vs. North Carolina

This was a tough decision of who to put at one, so let’s just call this one 1B. Both of these teams are among my absolute favorites in the apparel department. UNC rocking the all Carolina blue, next to the classic away look for Auburn makes for a heck of an appealing game.

1. Texas @ LSU

Yep. They brought out the purples. And not against some nobody either. They brought them out against a blue blood in Texas. This is unheard of in Death Valley. As perfect as LSU’s classic whites are, it’s nice to see the purples every now and again, but it’s so rare to see them against a big name team, especially one as well-dressed as the Longhorns. The road look for the ‘Horns is also one of the best out there for good reason. The clash between colors here is astounding. We may have the best matchup of the entire season on our hands here. Bravo.


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