Best Uniform Matchups of Week 0/1

Being the uniform dork I am, I thought I’d share with you what I thought were 10 of the best dressed matchups of the opening slate of college football in our simulated season. I understand the irony in this statement, but let’s get to it.

Honorable Mentions:

-Northwestern @ Michigan State

-Purdue @ Nebraska

-Miami (OH) @ Pittsburgh

-Middle Tennessee @ Duke

-Georgia vs. Virginia

10. Notre Dame vs. Navy

Two Under Armour schools face off, and although they have the same color schemes, the result on the field looks stunning in scenic Dublin. We all hate Notre Dame, but I’ll admit they have very appealing helmets. In my opinion, Navy’s all blue is their best combo in their rotation.

9. TCU @ California

TCU’s most recent rebrand was a little much for some, with the horned frills resemblance around the collar of the jerseys. These purple frills especially stick out on the white ones and I kind of dig it. The all white “stormtrooper” look looks very nice next to the yellow and navy of Cal. Cal’s matte helmets are very underrated.

8. Ole Miss vs. Baylor

Another yellow combo? You betcha. I am a huge fan of Baylor emphasizing yellow with the green instead of the gold they had along with black and gray. These could be a bit much sometimes, but I think they’re really good in small doses. The powder blue Ole miss script helmet remains perfection, and I like when they use it with their away kits too, and not just the red jerseys.

7. North Carolina @ UCF

This is (technically) color on color? Anyways, the UCF gray contrasts with the black helmet and pants very well, and I’m usually not a fan of gray unless it is part of your school’s color scheme. These are pretty sharp, however. You will also find out throughout this season that I LOVE UNC’s football uniforms. The color and pattern mesh so well, and the white really pops.

6. Clemson @ Georgia Tech

This one you may be surprised to see but I think people take for granted the simplicity of Clemson’s uniforms and just how clean they are. They are modern and traditional at the same time, and when you play the way they do, they’re bound to look even better. Also, Georgia Tech’s recent rebrand was a huge success in my book. The classic gold-white-gold look at home is unique and always a staple.

5. Syracuse @ Boston College

In another surprising ACC entry, the Boston College throwback uniforms make this one elite. They are so clean and simplistic. The new Syracuse uniforms are an extreme upgrade from their last set and Nike hit it out of the park. It honors their past as well, but also looks very in-style.

4. UCLA @ Hawai’i

UCLA’s uniforms are one of the best in the country, and the gold facemask rather than gray threw me off at first, but they have grown on me for sure. The classic away’s on their own are fantastic in their own right. However, those clashing with the all black’s of Hawai’i are perfection. The accents on the Warriors’ uniforms are the little things that make their uniforms so elite. Also, the dual logo helmet with the islands on one side is one of my favorites.

3. BYU @ Utah

Although color vs. color is loved by almost everyone, I am pretty old-school, as I enjoy one team in white. However, I know that traditions are born every day in college football. Some matchups just end up being color vs. color over time, and it continues that way. This is one of them and to no one’s dismay. Utah’s all-red with the metallic shine to the helmets are definitive. Part of me wants BYU to go back to the royal blue full time, but I do like what they have done mixing up the royal and navy. It’s something about the white-royal-white complementing the all red that is so special.

2. Michigan @ Washington

These teams have faced off in the Rose Bowl four times and this just screams a classic uniform matchup you would see in Pasadena. Michigan’s winged helmet remains top 5 in college football, so much that colleges like Princeton, Delaware, and Gustavus Adolphus have copied that design for their own helmets. The all white uniforms contrast the traditional Husky home set so well, which represent the gold and purple well.

  1. 1. Alabama vs. USC

Call me a traditionalist. Go ahead. Sure, these uniforms may be perceived by some as boring, particularly the Tide’s. However the classic numbers on the helmet and the all white look are timeless. When you flip on the TV and see those uniforms, you know who is playing. You do not even need a scoreboard. That means something to me. And on the other side, the crimson and yellow of SC cement them as one of the best, hands down. This matchup between ranked blue-bloods has everything you can ask for visually.


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